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  Ordering :

The best way to contact us is by Email at octopusmusic@libertysurf.fr .

When you order, please give us :

  • The titles of the records you'd like to buy,
  • Your name,
  • Payment method,
  • Your shipping address and
  • If you want shipping, with or without insurance.

Please always wait to receive our answer before sending payment, as we often have only one copy of each record.
We always sell on a first come, first served basis
So feel free to list alternative choices when you place an order.
We are happy to answer questions, so don't hesitate to ask if you have a specific question.

Please note that the price of the records doesn't include shipping.

  Payment :

Records have to be paid for before shipping ( i.e : we never send records if we don't already have your payment ).

We accept the following forms of payment :

  • PAYPAL www.paypal.com
    Paypal allows you to use your Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard...) securely on line. You can pay us in US$ or EUROS.
    Our account is : octopusmusic@libertysurf.fr
    You can pay directly to our Paypal account by clicking on the following banner:

  • Bank Transfer in Euros (IBAN/BIC transfers). No other currencies
  • CASH : US$ or UK£ or FRF cash by mail, with a note with your name and address. Always register your letter if you send significant sums in cash by mail. But if the total is low, it's up to you to decide if it's useful to register your letter (probably not if you conceal the cash correctly and have a decent Post Service). If you want to use a private carrier (FedEx, UPS, DHL...) to send your payment, please let us know before as they can't deliver to PO Boxes.
  • IMO / INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER in Euros ONLY (no other currencies), payee : OCTOPUS MUSIC.
  • CHEQUES : We can only accept French cheques in EUROS (payee : OCTOPUS MUSIC). 

PLEASE NOTE that we can't accept Eurocheques, domestic US or Canadian cheques, Money Orders in US$, Western Union Money orders in US$ and domestic cheques from various parts of the world, as our bank can't clear them. As for now, we can't accept european cheques in EUROS (they are still seen as foreign cheques by French banks).

European orders are held for 4 weeks from acknowledgement of your order.
Overseas orders (from America, Africa, Asia, Oceania) are also held for 4 weeks.
If you need more time, please let us know as soon as possible.
Please do not place an order if you have no intention of paying for it.
Our return policy is detailed below.

  Return Policy :

We strive for perfect service and our customers give us high marks for accurate grading and speed of delivery. You can see our Ebay feedback here and some customers mails here.
When mistakes happen (errare humanum est!), we do everything possible to put things right.
If a record needs to be returned, we will reimburse you for postage in BOTH directions.

In order to return the record, you must notify us by e-mail of your intention shortly after you receive the parcel, with the exact reason. Also, the item must be returned in its original condition , i.e. the way it was shipped, and in our packaging.

Our return policy applies only to items improperly graded, not to records damaged during transit. For that, you have the option of insurance at reasonable price. If you don't pay for insurance, we cannot accept the return of records damaged during transport.
For the same reason, records "lost" in the post (it's very rare but the Post service is not perfect) cannot be reimbursed unless they were insured/registered.

We don't accept returns for reasons of "musical content".

  Confidentiality :

All client information is confidential. We never sell or give lists of contacts, or disclose anything about our customers without their explicit permission.

Last Update : 29 July 2018


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