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  Grading System :

All the items are graded sleeve/record : M-/EX/VG++/VG+/VG...
When you see a description EX/VG++, it means EX sleeve and VG++ record.
The records are generally visually graded under a strong light. Please note that we do not have the time to play-test most LP's and if we do, we can only evaluate them according to how they sound on our system and with our ears!
For the most part, items listed on this site are USED VINYL RECORDS (i.e., not new, not CDs).
They are guaranteed to be in the condition listed, so please contact us if you are not happy with a grade once you've received your parcel.

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SS : Still Sealed (see note below)
M- (Mint -) : A record in new, shiny condition, never played or looking like it. Flawless.
EX (Excellent) : A record in superb condition, very rarely played.
VG++ : A really nice record, in "keeper" condition. There may be some hair lines, some very light "paper scuffs" resulting from contact with the inner sleeve, but nothing that affects play.
VG+ : The record has been played often, has some visual defaults (lines, light scratches, scuffs...) but plays without major problems. Some tracks can be a bit noisy or click. It's the lowest grade to provide consistently acceptable listening on a high quality turntable.
VG : The record is in playable condition but it doesn't look nice because of several scuffs, lines, scratches, the sleeve has writing on it...Some/all tracks are noisy or click. The audio can be globally OK, but depends a lot on the quality of your system.
VG- : A noisy record, with clicks. We very rarely offer such items to sell, only if they are of specific interest to some collectors.
The records graded below VG- are not offered in our lists (except for some really rare items).

NB : The items graded SS are Still Sealed, in shrinkwrap. They are presumably, and normally, in Mint condition. However be aware that it's impossible to tell their exact condition without opening them! Some may have been resealed by distributors before they arrived in our stock. For your information, we don't have or use a sealing machine. IMPORTANT: sealed LP's CANNOT be returned once opened. We can unseal any SS LP here for inspection before shipment, if you wish to have a return privilege.

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UK : English pressing
F : French pressing
GER : german pressing
NL : Dutch pressing
ITA : Italian pressing
CAN : Canadian pressing
US : US pressing
BEL: Belgian pressing
JAP : japanese pressing
wobc/wofc : writing on back/front cover (name, logo or signature)
wol : writing on label
LS : Label sleeve (generic "company sleeve")
no PS : record only, in a blank paper sleeve (mostly used for 45s)
wlp : white label promo
(re) or "re" : reissue;
: original pressing
coh : cut-out hole(small hole in the cover) ;
sm : saw mark (small cut on the edge of the cover) ;
cc :cut corner (one corner of the cover cut off)
in shrink : records still in their original shrinkwrap
rw : ring wear
cw: cover wear
gtfd : gatefold cover
lblis : original label inner sleeve (for LPs : inner sleeve with repros of other LP sleeves, lists, promos for the label, interviews...)
LP = Long Playing Album, 12" format;
45 or 45T = 7" single;
EP : 7" single with 3 tracks or more

If you don't understand an abbreviation, just ask !


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